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“Dr. Cohen has contributed significantly these past few years in the area of integrative medicine. I found her work relevant, vital, and very useful in my field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, most especially in the field of toxin exposure in pregnancy.” Antonio Sison, MD FACOG, Director, Comprehensive OB/GYN Care of Princeton 

​"Dr Cohen treated my rheumatoid Arthritis integrating many
different modalities. She worked with me to come up with a treatment plan that I was comfortable with. Dr Cohen is a doctor who honestly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond for them."  
Jo Chilton

“Dr. Cohen is a much needed, cutting-edge Integrative Rheumatologist.  Her knowledge and training in Integrative Rheumatology is second to none.  She is a rare gem in the field of rheumatology.”  
Melissa P. Broyles, D.O.

“Dr. Cohen has shown outstanding acumen and clinical expertise as an Integrative Medicine Fellow...I would classify her work in the Fellowship as superior in all ways.”   Tieraona Low Dog, MD, Director of the Fellowship, Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona, College of Medicine

“I've been a patient of Dr. Cohen's for over five years. She is on the cutting edge in her field and has been able to help me live a pain free and healthy life.”  Raymond Coppede

 “I appreciate that Dr. Cohen’s approach to my care is well-rounded and includes holistic care and medicine; and that she takes time to explain the reasons for each of her recommendations.  At the time of my first visit with her I hadn't been following a healthy diet or fitness plan. I knew these were important for health reasons but Dr. Cohen explained how important they were to pain management as well. It took me many months to follow her advice but I am happy to say I have now joined a nutrition and exercise program and have seen a dramatic decrease in pain.”  Lisa Keenan

​"I have had an autoimmune disease for the better part of twenty years and have seen many rheumatologists for my condition.  It was not until I met Dr. Cohen that I felt a doctor was really listening to me.  Dr. Cohen does not just hand out scripts.  She takes her time and addresses all your needs from an integrated approach; medicine, if needed, diet, exercise, vitamins and holistic alternatives.  Since coming to Dr. Cohen and implementing her various suggestions, I have felt better than I have in years!”  Dayna S.

"Aly Cohen packs a wallop when she speaks.  She knows her subject cold and arrives with buttoned up power point and handouts.  Since she speaks to the diet and lifestyle changes people need to make to be well, it helps that she is a knock out, fit, articulate and radiating positiveness.  She powered through a presentation on cooling inflammation for my organization, and by the end we were all inspired to throw out our toxic cookware, get water filters, and advocate at a higher level in support of a healthy environment.  Aly is warm and accessible to her audience and fierce in her determination to remove obstacles to healthy change."

Dorothy Mullen, Founder The Suppers Programs.

"A brilliant doctor! I found Doctor Cohen by random selection. She attacked my painful condition aggressively and then pivoted to the lightest “touch” consistent with managing my problem to total remission. In my mind, an excellent approach. When my wife developed a joint problem, there was no question that Dr. Cohen would be her first stop. Dr. Cohen is not afraid to bypass the pharmacy and recommend excellent natural solutions that work. She looks at the whole person not just the disease."   Walter S. from Hightstown