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My Philosophy

I believe that the human body is truly amazing. Our bodies have evolved over 2.5 million years to fight off infection, think, feel, breakdown food, detoxify harmful substances, and create life. A series of evolutionary miracles, built on our ever-changing environment. 

​Within the past 200 years, the human mind and imagination has brought forth more change than ever before in history. The Industrial and Technological Revolutions have transformed the human experience and way of life into a fast-paced world of technology, chemical production, and greater convenience.

​We have not been able to appropriately evolve on the evolutionary timeline as fast as our surroundings have changed. The polluted air, food additives, toxins, and emotional stressors, to name a few, have had a negative impact on our bodies. We are human...and we break. 

​My goal is to help fix what is broken by integrating a holistic approach into conventional medicine. Whether you have arthritis, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, unusual symptoms or laboratory findings; I explore the root cause of the problem instead of immediately turning to a drug-based or surgical option. My goal is to help you regain and maintain full heath and improved quality of life.