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Dr. Cohen speaks at CentraState Medical Center to fellow doctors: Environmental Chemical Exposure
Co-editor and contributing author: "Integrative Environmental Medicine", Weil Series, Oxford University Press-2017 

Aly's new book, "Non-Toxic: Guide to Living Healthy in a Chemical World" available now!  

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Environmental Health

It is no secret that the environment we live in today is having a negative effect on our health. From the polluted air we breathe, to the food additives we consume, untested skin products that we lather on, and the emotional stressors that bombard us daily, most people agree that our environment is making us sick.

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"How to Protect your Kids from Toxic Chemicals"

Dr. Cohen has dedicated her career to helping clients live a healthier life in a less stressful and toxic environment.  She provides home and business environmental evaluations for toxins, harmful products, healthier choices and practical solutions through Interactive Seminars: Skype, online, and in-person for corporations, healthcare facilities, schools and camps.

Dr. Cohen's strong interest in environmental chemicals and their relationship to human health lead her to the Environmental Working Group (, a well recognized, non-profit environmental health advocacy organization in Washington, DC. Along with senior toxicologists at EWG, Dr. Cohen created a CME-accredited program on endocrine disrupting chemicals: bisphenol-A (BPA), brominated flame retardants, and phthalates.....and their effects on human health. The program is designed for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Dr. Cohen lectures regularly on this topic at hospitals, academic institutions, medical schools, elementary and high schools and community organizations across the United States (see Seminars and Lectures). She is currently working  to integrate environmental health information into the current public school human health and biology curriculum. She was recently awarded the 2015 New Jersey Healthcare Heroes Award for Education. To see more environmental health services Dr. Cohen provides, click on  The Smart Human™ tab, or visit

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